Below is a list of upcoming events. To suggest an event near you, please contact us:

February 10th, 2012: Google

Jason will talk about crowd-sourcing a solution to the illicit antiquities trade at the Googleplex, Google’s Mountain View headquarters. More on the Authors@Google program here.

Details: Open to the public. 12- 1pm @ 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, CA. The talk will be held in the Asilomar Room of Building 1900. Book sales and signing to follow. RSVP by emailing Steve at

February 15, 2012: UCLA.

The Westwood Woman’s Bruin Club will be hosting Jason for a noon discussion of Chasing Aphrodite at noon at the UCLA Faculty Center.

Details: Open to the public. $25 dollar lunch for non-members. RSVP by emailing Barbara Johnson at tedbar12218@gmailcom

April 23: Pacific Palisades Historical Society

The historical society will host Jason for a 7pm talk about the history of its wealthy neighbor, the J. Paul Getty Museum. Open to the public. Details TBA.

PAST EVENTS: The National Press Club; Society for the Preservation of Greek Heritage/Friends of the New Acropolist Museum; The Jonathan Club of Los Angeles; Chapman University; Central Michigan University; The Walters Art Museum; UPenn Law School; UPenn Museum; The Harvard Club of New York City; The National Arts Club; Princeton University; Villanova Law School; Rutgers University; New York University; Cardozo Law School;  Archaeological Institute of America (NY Chapter); SAFE; Benson Family Farm; Elliot Bay Bookstore in Seattle; Powell’s Book in Portland; The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco;  Loyola Law School; University of Kore in Enna, Sicily; Book Soup on Hollywood Blvd; Barnes and Noble of Thousand Oaks; LA Festival of Books.

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