Five Star Review: “a wonderful read about greed”

Here’s our first customer review on, written by Jill Meyer, a top 500 reviewer for the site:

“Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino, have produced an extraordinary look at the Getty Museum and its problems with stolen antiquities from Italy and Greece in their book, “Chasing Aphrodite”. They go behind-the-scenes of the art/museum world; a world filled with shady deals, outright forgeries, money laundering, and backstabbing that will challenge the previously held view of the genteel world of art collecting.


The book that has resulted from Felch and Frammolino’s painstaking work is a wonderful read about greed – in all forms – that has only recently been controlled by a new Getty Board and staff. Great book.”

Read the full review (and pre-order a copy of the book) here.

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